Michelle Palatnik

Class Subject: Atelier Art Portfolio Prep for College Bound Art Students

Michelle Palatnik photo

Michelle Palatnik was born in New York, and grew up on Long Island where she currently has a studio and teaches. She began drawing from an early age and steadily moved toward her passionate dream of becoming a fine artist. In 2007 she won a four-year scholarship to attend New York University where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While there, she spent her Saturdays studying with Sharon Sprung at the Art Students League of New York. In her sophomore year, Michelle was awarded a first place scholarship by the Martin Wong Foundation.

Immediately after graduating from NYU, Michelle was accepted into the distinguished Water Street Atelier at the Grand Central Academy of Art, working under the direction of Jacob Collins, a leading figure of the contemporary classical art revival movement. She has been accepted to the Hudson River Fellowship program twice and is a Junior Scholarship member of the Salmugundi Club.

Michelle’s work is collected privately around the world and was recently included in the first ever American Art auction in China, at the world's third largest auction house. Michelle has also had the rare chance to copy a Rembrandt Self Portrait at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has again been selected to continue her work as a copyist.


Michelle Palatnik drawing Michelle Palatnik painting