Beyond the Classroom

After more than 65 years of bringing the joy of creativity to individual adults, teens and children, the League has launched a major new initiative to strengthen sequential instruction in visual arts education and Arts-Based Learning in our schools.

Nine studios centered around one of the most desirable Galleries on Long Island make the Art League a unique destination for students and teachers. The League combines the use of this unique space with its cutting edge studios and highly-respected faculty. To help Teachers meet specific teaching and learning goals, we will partner with you to customize exciting, engaging project-based workshops in our state-of-the-art studios. Our programs can augment what you are already teaching in the classroom, or provide new experiences in genres of art that are outside the capacity of your school environment.

These exciting programs can generate New York State funding for your district when contracted through BOCES Arts-in-Education Services.

Contact us for details on how to partner with the Art League! (631) 462-5400

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