Exhibiting in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery Through October 28

Sandra Benny/Richard Vaux: A Working Relationship

September 16 – October 28

OSCILLATED TURKEY COLORED PENCIL by Sandra BennyPyramidal Construction acrylic by Richard Vaux

l to r: “Oscillated Turkey “, colored pencil by Sandra Benny; “Pyramidal Construction”, acrylic by Richard Vaux.

The exhibit pairs Sandra Benny and Richard Vaux, a husband and wife team of internationally acclaimed local artists who express their shared love of nature and their own unique impressions in this exhibit celebrating the natural environment.

The secret to the success and harmony of Benny and Vaux "working together" is that they have lived and worked together... “isolated”. Working in totally separate studios, the common element has been their inspiration, love and concern for the beauty and poetry of our fragile natural environment. Nature’s forms, colors, textures and light are the common threads found in the works of both artists.

The Sandra Benny works are created using colored pigment pencils and hours and hours of patient, carefully manipulated passages of color and natural form. Paying extreme attention to detail, Sandra creates her nature inspired compositions. Richard Vaux has always been thought of as an Abstract Impressionist. His acrylic and oil paintings created over the past 40 years are nature derived abstractions. His main concern is dealing with light, both the visible and the invisible. His graphic works on paper, even those created using powdered carbon, are luminous, sometimes subdued, sometimes bright, visual compositions.

About the Artists:
Sandra Benny, originally from Ohio, and Richard Vaux, originally from Pennsylvania, have shown extensively throughout the United States and abroad. In addition to exhibiting throughout the world, works by these talented artists can be found in the public and private collections of notable museums and art collectors. Each has been listed in the coveted “Who’s Who in American Art” and taught their craft as professors at Long Island’s premier universities. The couple currently resides in Lloyd Neck.

Sandra Benny - Artist Statement:
Nature has always been the greatest inspiration for my art. I especially appreciate all the beauty that exists on this planet. I am in awe of the majestic color combinations and designs found in feathers, flowers, sunsets, clouds and other natural patterns. Details in the smallest items, like the central portions of flowers or the complicated intermixing of color patterns in feathers are, to me, exciting and intriguing. I often take these particulars and enlarge them and bring them up to eye level for everyone to enjoy.

Colored pencils are wonderful tools for what I want to achieve. This medium allows me to mix many layers of color pigment onto the drawing surface. With the fusion of these many surfaces, I am able to retain subtle variations along the way to completion.

I believe that we are stewards of this earth and only temporary visitors. My lofty ideal is to share my art of this majestic world with future generations.

Richard Vaux - Artist Statement:
“My work is an ongoing process, one composition leading to the next. In searching for the harmonies and balances of nature, the works parallel and emulate natural phenomena. With each painting there is a new sense of harmony with nature, a coordination and synthesis of the physical and the spiritual. Each composition is a visual poem about light and illumination…the visible and the invisible”.