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Your tax-deductible donation will help us to continue to provide the community a place to exercise their creativity and nurture their enjoyment of the visual arts.

You can donate right now through our secure online payment system by entering your selections below. If you prefer to donate to any one of our specific areas such as art instruction or exhibitions, please indicate your choice in the "Donate To" box. If you have any comments we would love to hear them.

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I want to designate my donation towards an outreach program for:

• At-risk teens   • Individuals with developmental disabilities   • Substance abuse
• Traumatic brain injury   • Seniors with financial need

I want to designate my donation to:

• Upgrade a studio  • Support gallery exhibitions 
• Sponsor an ALLI event 
• Scholarship program for low-income students

I want to make a donation in honor of or memory of a dear friend/loved one

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Thank you. 

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