Members' Exhibition Part I and II Award-Winning Artwork

Congratulations on all the winners of the 2011 Members' Exhibition!


Award of Excellence Part I:  Sylvia Harnick, Edited Visions 11 & 19, acrylic & photo transfer

Edited Visions


Award of Excellence Part I:  Denise Kasof, Brillo & Steel Wool Scouring Pads, Stone Lithography - Edition: 1/7

Denise Kasof Brillo and Steel Wool


Award of Excellence Part I:  Iris Kelmenson, Monday Morning, oil painting

Monday Morning by Iris Kelmenson


Award of Excellence Part II:  Celeste Mauro, Coastward, watercolor collage

Coastward by Celeste Mauro


Award of Excellence Part II: Raymond Rothaug, Back Road, black & white photograph 

Back Road by Raymond Rothaug


Award of Excellence Part II: Carole Scinta, Setauket Barn, pastel

Setauket barn by Carole Scinta


Honorable Mention Part I: Sylvia Sherwin Goldberg, Yahoo-Com Cats, oil on canvas

Yahoo-Com Cats by Sylvia Sherwin Goldberg


Honorable Mention Part I: Vesna Volaric, Light, oil on canvas

Light by Vesna Volaric


Honorable Mention Part I: Deirdre Kline, The Perfect Pear, acrylic painting

The Perfect Pair by Deirdre Kline


Honorable Mention Part I: David Jaycox, Jr., Mutual Awareness, watercolor

Mutual Awareness by David Jaycox Jr


Honorable Mention Part I: Jo-Ann Gartner, Lone Jet, ceramic sculpture 

Lone Jet by Joanne Gartner


Honorable Mention Part II: Liz Jorg Masi, Athena, oil painting

Athena by Liz Jorg Masi


Honorable Mention Part II: Rhoda Needlman, Forest/Red Oaks, pastel 

Forest Red Oaks by Rhoda Needlman


Honorable Mention Part II: Patricia Russac, Landscape, mixed media on paper 

Landscape by Patricia Russac


Honorable Mention Part II: Louise Sharakan, Rituals, hand-dyed silk/mixed

Rituals by Louise Sharakan


Honorable Mention Part II: Susan Wong, Lunch Alone, oil on canvas

Lunch Alone by Susan Wong