Count Me In! Artist of the Day is... Lesley Delia

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About the Artist

Lesley Delia is the craftswoman behind “Down the Road Designs”. Before devoting full time to creating useful objects of beauty, she practiced law for over 35 years as a staff attorney and ultimately as the Executive Director of a Statewide public interest legal services program serving individuals struggling with mental health challenges.

She took her first painting class here at the Art League in the mid-1980s and subsequently studied painting privately with Anna Horlad, a local artist. During those years she reminded herself often that "down the road" she could someday retire and paint full time, satisfied that on her journey she had had used the power of the law to help make the world a better place. One day during these busy years balancing a busy job and family, she visited a Pratt graduate, painter friend who was just starting to working with polymer clay. Lesley started to experiment with polymer and was seduced by this remarkable, versatile medium and set to work to understand its behavior and all of its unique properties. Lesley retired from the practice of law in 2014 and is finally “down the road”. She refers to her current work as “claynting” … painting with polymer clay.

Since 2015 she has been giving private lessons and leading workshops to introduce others to this remarkable modern artists’ medium. She has been selling her work at, among other places, the Art League shows. The first $1,000 of sales each year are donated to “A is for Africa”, a 501 (c)(3) supporting education in a small Massai village in Tanzania where she has volunteered time with her husband, teaching computers skills to teachers. Lesley was scheduled to teach her first polymer clay overview class at the Art League this May when Covid19 changed our lives. Lesley lives with her husband, Jeff Stark, in Huntington. She is eagerly awaiting and supporting efforts toward our reopening.



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this Handmade Polymer and Glass Cake Plate and Cake Server by Lesley Delia 


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About the Piece:
The 10" cake plate with stainless steel cake server for sale today is created from polymer clay on glass. Polymer clay is a modeling compound composed of polyvinyl chloride (“PVC”) and pigments. No painting is involved. The design formed from the polymer compound runs the length of a triangle shaped log called a “cane” similar to a sushi roll in that every slice taken off the log is identical. I have shaved off ultra - thin slices (between 2-3 mm in thickness) from the log. These slices of design have been applied directly to the under/outer side of a food safe glass dinner plate. The slices of raw polymer stick to themselves, forming a single sheet which, when baked at only 275 degrees for 25 minutes, forms a suction to the glass as it hardens into a solid. After it has cooled, the clay side is sanded by hand under water through 7 grits of sandpaper (80,150, 320, 500, 800, 1000, 1500) until smooth. The entire process from conditioning the clay and mixing the colors through sanding requires roughly 50 hours per each plate.

These items are food safe but not dishwasher safe. They should be washed by hand with warm soapy water and thoroughly dried immediately after washing to prevent a cloudy soap buildup on the clay. The items are delivered wrapped in gold tissue paper inside organza bags and suitable for presenting as gifts.


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