Count Me In! Artist of the Day is... Barbara Shields


About the Artist

I am a writer whose immersion in art came at an early age. As a kid, I loved the freedom and form of Toulouse Lautrec's posters, Van Gogh's passionate brush strokes...his startling blues and yellows...the way Turner sailed the sea, and how Renoir blurred his canvas. Art is my life preserver. I paint because I have to -- the prospect of a blank canvas, and watching it absorb color and form give me so much joy.

I use oil primarily, and often intersperse a work with swatches of fabric or jewelry. I tend to favor cerulean blues and scarlet, with sudden bursts of orange and purple. Canvases range from abstract--with splashes of bold color--to mainstream images like ships, bottles of perfume, and mannequins dressed in sartorial splendor, which are gifts to friends and family who request them.


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"Painting the Town"  

12" x 12" mixed media piece: oil paint, paper, brush,tubes of paint -- on canvas

About This Piece: "As a native New Yorker, I have missed my city during this pandemic, and all I want to do is 'paint the town'-- be inspired by the city's architecture, stroll through Central Park, visit museums and art galleries, and clink glasses with pals at Village cafes." - Barbara Shields

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