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About the Artist

Irina Gendler-Bulgak creates pictures using natural materials - merino and dog wool, silk, velvet, leather and plant fibers, such as linen and nettle. Irina works with the mixed technique of wet and dry felting: instead of brush or pencil the main drawing instrument is a felting needle which binds fibers into an expressive image. Irina studied in an art studio in Russia for 9 years. She drew landscapes, genre and fiction scenes using gouache and watercolors.

During her studies, Irina took part and received awards in exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Poland and France. The felting art-form found Irina 7 years ago. The technique became Irina's favorite way of artistic expression thanks not only to the bright, relief image created, but also to the tactile feeling of warmth and coziness the picture engenders.

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"Duet", Media: Merino wool, silk, leather; Felted wool and silk image is 11"×12" and the fully framed art piece inclusive of leather backing is 14"×16"

This image was inspired by a picture in an old family album. I found a daguerreotype of my great-grandparents right when they had fallen in love with each other, young and handsome. The daguerreotype effect of the negative-positive image gave me the idea to create a silhouette-style artwork. I have never met my great-grandparents and I know so little about their life. This picture helps me feel closer to this beautiful couple and their inspiring, ephemeral beauty.

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