Count Me In! Artist of the Day is... Hea Won Mongello

Hea Won Mongello photo

About the Artist

I had no formal training in painting until I joined Laura Meshover’s Oil Painting for Beginner & Intermediate class in early 2013, when I became inspired by her passion for teaching. She continues to bring new subjects for us to learn and helps us to expand our art world.

Within my seven years of painting I have developed a passion for photo realism painting, and it helped me to see the beauty of nature with its own character.

Most recently I have begun to experiment with abstract painting. The painting I have donated today is my first abstract painting, touching on my favorite subject: nature. In the Spring of 2017 I exhibited alongside my classmates in "Beauty Thru the Eyes of 6 Artists" at the Art League of Long Island’s Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery.

I am also greatly inspired by all the artists I have met in the class who are avidly determined in their work and willingness to share their thoughts and techniques.


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Hae Won Mongello Summer-Garden

'Summer Garden"', 30" x 40", unframed oil painting

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