Count Me In...Artist of the Day

Count Me In Artist of the Day Banner 

To Our Artist Friends:

Please Support the Art League during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Donate One Artwork Towards the Art League of Long Island’s “Count Me In” Artist of Day Fundraiser.

Here’s how it works:

Artists who donate a work of 2-D or 3-D art or fine craft towards the Art League’s “Count Me In” Artist of the Day Fundraising Campaign will be prominently highlighted in a dedicated email blast to the 7,000 people on our list. The newsletter with your feature will be shared on the Art League’s active social media pages: Facebook (4,100 followers) and Twitter (589 followers), and will be posted directly to Instagram (1,000 followers). The artist of the day will also be featured prominently on the Art League’s website at A set dollar amount will be asked of potential donors for each work of art, and the first person to donate the requested amount will win the artwork. It is the responsibility of the artist to deliver the artwork to the winning donor after the donation has been received and confirmed by the Art League.

Each feature will contain a photo of the artist, a short bio, an image of the artwork, title and medium, and if applicable a short background story to go along with the image, and a requested donation amount. Donation amounts will be set at either $100, $150, $200, or $250. The bio, story and images must be supplied by the artist. Be sure to include your website and social media handles/profile names. Please keep the subject matter light, no politics or obscenity, as social media platforms block certain content.

To donate artwork please contact Annette Bernhardt, Marketing Coordinator, at with the subject line: Artist of the Day  

Many Thanks to Our Artists of the Day!

May 11: Jan Guarino - Artwork has been won!
May 13: Paola Giordano
May 15: Saeed Ullah - Artwork has been won!
May 18: Scott Hartman - Artwork has been won!
May 20: Helen Wendle -  Artwork has been won!
May 22: Lois Walker - Artwork has been won!
May 25: Anthony D'Avino
May 27: Joyce Kubat - Artwork has been won!
May 29: Karen Kirshner - Artwork has been won!
June 1: Alan M. Richards
June 3: Hea Won Mongello
June 4: Irina Gendler-Bulgak
June 5: shāna photography - Artwork has been won!
June 8: Roseanne Frank - Artwork has been won!
June 9: Doug Reina
June 10: Jackie Maloney - Artwork has been won!
June 11: Alice Luo
June 12: Celeste Mauro
June 15: Vicki Field - Artwork has been won!
June 16: Susan Romito - Artwork has been won!
June 18: Susan Oliverio aka Susan Grace
June 22: Howard Pohl - Artwork has been won!
June 23: Barbara Shields
June 24: Robyn Bellospirito
June 25: Susan Gatti - Artwork has been won!
June 26: John Melillo
June 29: Esther Stavrou Toubanos
June 30: Holly Gordon
July 1: Esther Marie Caponigro
July 6: Shain Bard - Artwork has been won!
July 7: Marci Brockmann - Artwork has been won!
July 9: Andrea M. Gordon
July 13:: Christine D'Addario
July 15: Jay Stuart
July 22: Lesley Delia - Artwork has been won!
August 3: Yubing Sun
August 6: Liz Jorg Masi
August 12: Renée Reichert
August 21: Roberta Estrin
September 1: Marc Josloff
September 9: David O. Miller