Signature Gift Campaign

Message from the Director!
June 6, 2019

To Art League family, friends, supporters, members and visitors,


Ah yes, the beginning of the summer season makes us all feel lighter and free to make plans with family and friends. Barbeques, kayaking, summer concerts, lazy days at the pool and taking art classes at the Art League are all part of putting the plans on the calendar. Three short months to pack it all in makes it even more precious and important.

With only two short months to raise $25,000 for the Art League’s 2019 Signature Matching Gift Campaign, I’m reaching out to you to ask for your support to help meet the Art League’s mid year fundraising goals. This campaign is different than other fundraising appeals because Harlan J. Fischer and his wife Olivia have pledged to match up to $25,000 in donations! Major gifts and donors willing to match funds just don’t happen everyday. Olivia and Harlan are passionate about the Art League’s future and aren’t afraid to show it. I know you are too.

I can’t imagine Long Island without the Art League of Long Island and I know you can’t either. When I learned 3 years ago that the National Academy, a not-for-profit, located in two Beaux-Arts buildings on Fifth Ave. at 89th St., home since 1942, had to sell the buildings to get out of debt and close the academy, I was saddened and affected by this news. The academy had its beginnings in 1825 founded by a group of American artists. Very similar to how the Art League got its start. The Academy operated as a museum, a school of fine art education and owned a collection of masterpieces, some by Frederic Edwin Church and Sanford Robinson Gifford. In 2008 it sold two masterpieces for $13 million dollars to raise money to pay some debts. It wasn’t nearly enough. The academy closed its doors in June 2016. Wendy Evans Joseph, Vice President of the academy’s board said they operated without ever having an endowment.

I often think about the National Academy and its demise. It is one of those things you can’t imagine can happen. As the Executive Director of the Art League along with its Board of Directors, we have a responsibility to you and the communities we serve. As fiduciaries we are obligated to ensure the financial stability of the organization, planning ahead, fundraising several times per year and managing any risks all business may have to face. With your support we will raise $25,000 x 2 totaling $50,000 by mid-July.

Thank you in advance for making your donation today, online at or call Bobbie Janowitz at 631 462 5400 x 227.


Warmest Regards,

Charlee Miller

Executive Director

Art League of Long Island  


May, 2019 

Dear Art League Friends, Members, Staff, Faculty and Visitors,

Signature Matching Gift Thermometer

I love a challenge and hope you do too! The Signature Matching Gift Campaign is out of the gate and time is of the essence. If you haven’t heard, the Art League has been presented with a golden opportunity that’s meant to ensure the future of the Art League. If you love the Art League as much as we do, you’ll want to be part of the 2019 Signature Matching Gift Campaign.

Harlan J. Fischer and his wife Olivia have pledged to match up to a total of $25,000 in donations for the Art League’s midyear fundraising campaign. Instead of the spring appeal this year: the Signature Matching Gift Campaign is taking its place. That means when you write your check your donation will count twice as much!

Please don’t delay in getting your donations in. The deadline is July 15th to realize the full benefit of the campaign. Please join me in thanking Olivia and Harlan for this awesome opportunity.

It’s easy to donate online or call Bobbie Janowitz at 631 462 5400 x 227 or just stop in. Thanks again for your constant support!


Charlee Miller

Executive Director