Stan Brodsky & Friends

Exhibiting in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery

April 13 - April 28

Reception:  April 14, 3:30pm-5:30pm

"Stan Brodsky & Friends"

tan Signing work photo by Peter Scheer 

Photo of Stan Brodsky by Peter Scheer 

An exhibition originally planned in tribute to Stan Brodsky will go on as planned, and serves as a poignant remembrance and appreciation for the late artist, who passed away on March 30, 2019 at age 94.  "Stan Brodsky and Friends" pays homage to the man who inspired the 27 artists whose works are also in this exhibit. Stan will be sorely missed, but his legacy carries on in the artwork of those he mentored.  

Stan has influenced the lives of several generations of artists, first as a Professor of Art in his 31-year tenure at C.W. Post, LIU, as an instructor at the Art League of Long Island, and as a celebrated artist whose works have been shown throughout the United States.  The "Stan Brodsky papers", a collection of his notes and sketches from 1951-2004 can be found at the Smithsonian Institute.  Originally born in Greenwich Village, Stan became a Long Islander with his move to Huntington in 1965.

Artists participating in the exhibit are: Ennid Berger, Susan Bird, Stan Brodsky, Susan Canin, Denise DiGiovanna, Simon Fenster, Stuart Friedman, Peter Galasso, Lenore Ann Hanson, Ginger Balizer-Hendler, Caroline Isacsson, Vincent Joseph, Deborah Katz, Marceil
Kazickas, Denise Kramer, Barbara Miller, Catherine Morris, Pamela Long Nolan, Dianne Parker, Alicia R Peterson, Doug Reina, Fran Roberts, Susan M. Rostan, Ellen Hallie Schiff, Laura Powers-Swiggett, Janice Sztabnik, Lois Walker, Hiroko Yoshida.