Zach Zmirak

Class Subject: New Wave Ceramics Workshop; The World of Clay

Zach Zmirak received his B.F.A. in Fine Art from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He is experienced in hand building, wheel throwing and mould making as well as large scale sculpture. While he attended Alfred, Zach was hired to manage and supervise kiln firings in salt, soda and wood and served as a Ceramic Intern for Freddy Fredrickson and Shawn Murrey. Zach has knowledge in gas, electric,  atmospheric firings, maintenance, construction and repair of kilns.  At Alfred, he was a Studio Assistant to Ceramic Potter John Gill, Professor of Ceramics at Alfred University. In addition to his education Zach was voted Alfred Clay Collective President; his duties ranged from organizing and hosting visiting artists events, planning student exhibitions, creating workshops and demos and planning annual trip to NCECA Conference. 

Zmirak Zach_Wave_ceramic. 

"Wave" by Zach Zmirak