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About the Resident Artist Membership Program: The aim of the Resident Artist Membership Program is to support artists by offering opportunities to more fully develop their skills, learn to teach their craft, and become leaders in the creative community. To learn more about the program visit

Resident Artist Members from the class of 2019-20 share their experiences in blog posts:

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Michael Krasowitz

Michael Krasowitz photo

Christophe Lima

Christophe Lima photo 

Sam Neukirch

Sam Neukirch photo

Tara Leale Porter

Tara Leale Porter glass artist photo


Read blog posts from the Resident Artist Members of the Inaugural Class of 2019-20:

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Beth Atkinson 







Adrienne Lauren Catanese







Simon Fenster 








Diane Ferraro







E Craig Marcin  







Angeli Zankel