Resident Artist Membership


Application Deadline has Passed! Applicants Should check back here for critical dates.

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The Resident Artist Membership is an opportunity for 6 Long Island Based visual and interdisciplinary artists to develop their craft at the Art League of Long Island. Become a leader in a creative community that has thrived for over 60 years!

Utilize our state of the art studios, and extensive offerings of classes to expand your skill set. This is a great opportunity for those artists who are interested in finding mentorship, learning a new medium, and developing the skills and confidence to teach! The Artist Residency Membership will culminate in the opportunity to teach a One Day Workshop that is open to the general public.

The Resident Artist membership includes the following benefits: 

• 50 free hours of class time per semester- Participants will be able to attend up to 50 hours of instructed class time each semester for the duration of the Artist Resident Membership. Classes must reach minimum enrollment, and may not exceed maximum enrollment in order to be eligible for this offer. Resident Artist Members will be required to pay in full for additional instructed class time hours that exceed the 50 hours.
• Opportunity to teach a One-Day Workshop in the Summer of 2019- Use the education during your year of study at the Art League to design a one-day workshop that expresses your point of view and strengths as an artist through teachable skills!
• Unlimited use of Open Studios during scheduled open studio time and additional hours in which studios are unused.
• Free admission to ticketed Art League events and lectures
• Access to the Lorraine Graves Grace Memorial Library of over 2,500 art books
• Promotion of you and your work on the Art League website and social media!


The Resident Artist Membership is a one-year membership to the Art League of Long Island that lasts from June 1, 2018- June 1, 2019. 

Non-Refundable* Application Fee: $50
Application Period: February 1, 2018- March 30, 2018
Applications may only be submitted online. See below for Details.


Cost of Artist Residency Membership for selected artists: $200**

Artists selected*** for the Resident Artist Members will be expected to take on a leadership role in community building at the Art League and integrate with our student body. Resident Artist members will be required to: 

• Volunteer at the Art League for a minimum of 6 hours per month- Monitor an open studio, assist with hanging a show, help out in our office!
• Maintain a blog on the Art League website- Document your experiences as a Resident Artist Member here at the Art League- in class and beyond- through monthly blog posts. Share about your work, your process, and what you’ve been learning!
• Work toward teaching a one-day workshop during the semester immediately following the completion of your membership (Summer 2019). This will include submitting a workshop proposal and drafting a syllabus.
• Attend Resident Artist Membership meetings (Schedule TBD) 


* Artists who are not selected for this exclusive opportunity will receive a one-year individual membership to the Art League of Long Island. Click here to find out more about membership benefits
**Artist Residency Fees do not include materials. The Art League does not provide living accommodations or private studios for Resident Artist Members.
***A panel of Jurors assembled by the Art League of Long Island will choose selected artists. 


You will be asked to provide the following for the application.
• Application questions (no more than 250 words each):
Statement of Practice (A brief description of your work and process)
Statement of Purpose (What do you hope to accomplish during your Artist Resident Membership?)
Preliminary Proposal for Workshop (The Resident Artist Membership culminates in the opportunity to teach a One-Day Workshop at the Art League of Long Island. Do you have a potential workshop in mind? How would your voice as an artist translate into teachable content?)
• Artist Resume or C.V. (PDFs only)
• Documentation of work (see guidelines below)
• Image list/Work Inventory (PDFs only)
• Optional Letter of Recommendation
Please label all files with your last name, first name and number.
(Smith, Joe_01, Smith, Joe_02, etc...) 


Please save all written materials as PDFs and image files as JPGs.
• 10 digital images
• Video work(s) or video documentation of work, max. 10 minutes. (Vimeo or Youtube links are preferred).
• Audio work(s) max 10 minutes. (web addresses or MOV, WAV, MP3, etc)


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