Professional Development Day 2017

Professional Development Day for Art Eduators/Artists
at the Art League of Long Island

November 7, 2017- 9am to 3pm
$140 per participant

For the 11th year in a row the Art League of Long Island will be offering Professional Development Workshops for Art Educators/Artists. The workshops are being held in the art studios at the Art League of Long Island and can be contracted through BOCES Arts-in-Education Service. (School districts are eligible for State Aid reimbursement.)

*Light refreshments available, there will be a half hour break at noon, bring a bag! lunch. Sign-in and coffee time at 8:30am.

Reserve space by calling (631) 462-5400 x225 or sign up here

The Art League of Long Island is designated an Approved CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education Certificate) Sponsor by the State Education Department. Art Educators may receive a CTLE certificate after completion of the workshop.


Workshop Descriptions 2017

Jewelry: Stamped Copper Pendant (Antique Spoon Pendant) – 174-AE-36 --FULL
Instructor: Dana Neger Lagos

Beginner Stamping is fun and empowering! Release frustration by hammering metal into a lovely pendant! - A unique "Metal Workout”. This workshop will examine the tools and techniques used for stamping metal; enjoy a day of Jewelry making with a bang! Hammer, torch, anvil, and polishing machine will be demonstrated. Walk away with an original pendant!

Mosaic Art – 174-AE-22--1 spot left

Instructor: Kelly Schulte-Smith
The possibilities for mosaic art are endless! Learn the basics of mosaic art such as cutting glass and/or tile, using a pattern to layout your design, we will be using non-traditional techniques to create a mosaic bangle. Tools will be provided; mosaic supplies includes: beads, glass, tile, glue and bangle. Designed for all skill levels, beginners welcome!

Felting Fun! - 174-AE-23--1 spot left

Instructor: Justine A. Moody
Explore the modern possibilities of the age-old process of felting! This workshop teaches the basics of traditional wet felting by taking raw natural fibers such as wool and silk to create a wet felted flower brooch, small wall hanging, or various vessels. Students will learn the process of combining fibers through agitation and compression to create a solid fabric with endless color and texture. Transform natural fibers into fabric and art! Bring your own towel and prepare to have some Felting Fun!

Monotype Printmaking - 174AE-27 --1 spot left

Instructor: Stephanie Navon-Jacobson
Monotype, or the “unique print", is the most painterly of printmaking techniques making it ideal for artists who work in oils, watercolors, pastels or other graphic mediums such as charcoal and pencil. Encourage science and math skills through color theory and overlapping colors, measurements by changing the proportions of various colors when mixing, or through geometric stencils. Monotype may also be used to illustrate stories! Bring your enthusiasm and imagination to discover the possibilities of this spontaneous, expressive art form!

Relief Sculpture- Louise Nevelson- 174-AE-34 --FULL
Instructor: Paula Feiner

This workshop will be using the additive technique to create a relief sculpture inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson. Known for her monochromatic abstract expressionist sculptures, Louise became an internationally known sculptor in the 1940’s, as she experimented with wood and junk she found in the streets of New York. This medium is known as " found objects". The materials for the sculpture will be provided by the instructor. - Bring -1. a high temperature glue gun, 2. a large bag of glue sticks and 3. a matt knife. Techniques covered are perfect for high school students, and can be adapted to younger students. Get ready to turn "recycled stuff" into art!

Ceramic Wheel Work - 174-AE-35--FULL
Instructor: Gina Mars

Designed for those who have never worked with clay, as well as those with some experience; this workshop covers basic techniques of wheel throwing through demonstrations creating cylindrical forms. These forms will then be transformed into mugs, pitchers, bowls, covered containers, and a few surprises from your instructor. Students will also be introduced to methods of adding textures to wheel thrown work and the use of colored slips will be explored. Learn how to prepare the clay for throwing by wedging; wear "studio" clothes, leave the hand jewelry home (and bring your own towel!) Throw pieces in the morning, trim them in the afternoon! Decorative techniques will be also be demonstrated, as well as proper cleanup procedures for a ceramic studio. Additionally, students will learn simple glaze chemistry, kiln loading and maintaining a kiln. Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout this informative workshop.(Note: Finished pieces will not be fired, it is suggested that you make arrangements with your coworkers to fire your pieces at your local school district kiln.)

Zentangle - 174-AE-32 --1 spot left
Instructor: MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson

Zentangle® is a method of drawing beautiful complex looking images using simple repetitive pattern. The unusual designs evolve “one stroke at a time” in an unplanned yet structured way. Established artists can use the method as a creative exercise for inspiration. The added benefit is relaxation & stress relief, which come from directed focus -like yoga for your mind. Students can use this life skill to help them deal with stress through art. And since there is no way to do it “wrong”, it’s fail proof, which encourages even the most “non-artistic” students in your class. Zentangles are great for art journaling and once you learn the method you can create your own patterns, or “tangles” which can be used as a prompt for storytelling, mathematical patterns, grids and more. For examples see .

Pastel Portrait Painting with Model - 174-AE-4 --9 spots left
Instructor: Donna Harlow Moraff

Work from a live, costumed model and learn the immediate effects you can achieve with this versatile, exciting medium. Explore edges, values, color harmony, composition; and the various techniques and effects of pastel application. Special emphasis will be placed on draftsmanship and “learning to see,” as well as how to build color. Through demonstrations and in-depth discussions, our enthusiastic instructor will show you that pastels are fun to work with, easy to learn, and user friendly!

Teaching Digital Art using Adobe Photoshop - 174-AE-- FULL
Instructor: David O. Miller

Learn basic techniques of producing digital art utilizing Adobe Photoshop. This one day workshop will cover essential features such as: digital painting and drawing tools, digital sketching, brush creation, color basics, using photography and much more. During this one day workshop students will paint a still life using both digital pen and ink, and oil painting techniques. Lots of helpful hints and shortcuts to teach this complicated application will be discussed. Space limited to six participants.