Newly Added Workshops

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Chinese Calligraphy with Yuwen Han
ChineseCalligraphyimageSundays 12pm-3pm
Sept 24-Oct 8/ 3 sessions

Chinese calligraphy is one of the highest forms of visual arts. The contrast of black on white, the expressive quality of movement through line, and the meaning of behind the characters all communicate the beauty of thought through a unique visual language. The meaning of each word is poetically balanced with the visual in the art of calligraphy.

The process of learning ink and Chinese calligraphy contains elements of eastern philosophy and aesthetics. This class touches on basic principles and techniques of brush work with different lines and strokes. Explore inking as a medium, expanding knowledge of brushes, ink-stone, rice paper and seals, while learning how to personalize work. Focus on skills of balance and composition while enjoying the pleasure of the ink brush work. This class is an exercise in spiritual and aesthetic refinement.


Playwriting for "Geniuses"Lulea-40-Josyp
Thursdays 7pm-9:30pm
Oct 12-Nov 16 / 6 sessions

This is a hands-on course in the art of writing for theatre. “Genius” here refers to the innate ability we all have to tell stories, to dream, to carry on engaging dialogue. Part of writing well is learning how not to stand in one’s own way—in other words, how to dream on the page and how to be true to one’s own talent. It is also learning how to be strict about the fact that a play is a made thing, a composition, that requires astute editing as we strive to turn the very private act of writing into that very public thing: theatre. A playwright’s words are made flesh by actors and directors, but it all starts with your dialogue. These seminars are geared both for writers with professional ambitions and works in progress, and, equally, for anyone interested in trying it as a form of expression or relaxation. This is not a course on how to get your work produced. Why not? Because there is no teachable answer to that, and it is never predictable whose work will make it to the stage.

Peter Josyph works concurrently as an actor-director-playwright, a filmmaker, a painter, and a photographer. He is currently Adjunct Professor at Hutton House Lectures/LIU Post, where he teaches cinematic adaptations of literature. For 12 years he was Artistic Director of Victory Rep, where he wrote 50 plays and acted/directed continually; and for 7 years he was Artist-in-Residence at the Smithtown Township Arts Council. His films include the award-winning Liberty Street: Alive at Ground Zero. His list of publications, awards, and exhibitions can be found at