Claudia Preston

Class Subject:

Open Art Space 

Claudia was a graphic artist in a publishing company before becoming an editor. She always loved art, so throughout her adult life she took art classes, first at Adelphi University and then at the Art League of Long Island. She has created works of art of many types: drawing, painting, sculpture, woodworking, jewelry, mixed media, and fiber arts.

I​n time she found​ her true passion to be “custom sewing,” for which she is completely self-taught. She has designed and created countless items ranging from purses and tote bags to specialty apparel to window treatments. Her designs are all her own, and she prides herself on “using math” (instead of patterns) to create them.

Claudia has a Bachelor’s degree in English, a Master’s degree in Education, and a 30-year history of volunteering for various organizations. Claudia began volunteering at the Art League in 2015 and helped launch the opening of the Lorraine Grace Library a year later. She then started working part time in the office. In January 2017 she signed on as monitor of the “Open Art Space” studio. She currently takes portraiture classes at the Art League.