Oksana Danziger

Class Subject:
Fiber Arts (Silk Painting, Felting) & Intro to Fashion Design

oksana_danzigerOksana Danziger was born in Moscow. Oksana’s interest in art began in an early age when she started painting and drawing. Russian traditional and folk arts had strong influence on her. At the age of 16, she graduated from one of the oldest art schools in Moscow. Later, Oksana spent five years learning to be a textile designer at the Textile Institute of Moscow. After she graduated from college, she joined a Russian artist union and participated in numerous exhibits with tapestry, silk painting, and other decorative arts.

Silk painting was always her favorite type of art. She worked with two different styles of silk painting hot batik, known for its beautiful watercolor effects, and cold batik, a more graphical technique with defined lines.

When she came to New York, she created a collection of hand-painted silk scarves for Henry Bendel. Her work was featured at a personal exhibit called “Flowers” in Gallery 1 Soho, New York, which displayed many of her silk paintings. Her clients include Ann Taylor, Bob Mackie and GAP.

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Tulips, silk painting by Oksana Danziger