Barbara Jo Kingsley


Class Subject:

Open Studio with Model


I have lived in Huntington Station, LI, New York for 19 years. My artwork has been exhibited as part of many gallery shows and is also a part of various private collections in the United States and Japan where I lived and taught.

I work with a model, using short poses as I try to capture the unexpected with my brush or pen. The results are animated, calligraphic, in often humorous, story-telling juxtapositions. My figures convey a spectrum of emotions from the comic to somber. Sometimes they reflect the struggles and confusion of humanity, and other times they evoke an ethereal dreamlike state of peace.

Teaching Philosophy

Although I work from a model, I am most interested in interpretation rather than representation of what I see before me. By having the model do short poses, one does not have time to think about being accurate. One must draw as fast as as possible, and hand-eye coordination is tested to the extreme with the shortest one-minute poses. However, that is often when some of the most delightful images of the model happen, with a sense of mood or character that one often does not get when working carefully on a long pose. I encourage artists and students to come to the workshop for drawing practice and camaraderie, but also with an open mind to the possibilities of creating something exceptional.