Roberta Erlagen


Class Subject:

Waterercolor Kindergarten for Adults I and II


Roberta“Bertie” Erlagen:
Teacher and watercolor artist, Bertie, is most famous for her technique, love of color, attention of detail, and plein air painting. A veteran teacher on Long Island, NY, Bertie has been a beloved instructor at the Art League of Long Island, Planting Fields Arboretum, and the Montauk Artist Association for over a decade. Most recently, she has organized and teaches classes at The Farm of Oyster Bay. She has also had the immense privilege of working at St. Johnland Nursing Center and the Smithtown Rehabilitation Center. Her talent as an artist and devotion to teaching has earned Bertie numerous awards including the state recognized 2013 “Inspiration and Peace award”.

Bertie's artwork has been exhibited in numerous Museums, Fine Art Galleries, and juried indoor/outdoor shows along Northeast America. She completed a series of Manhattan based Paintings for a New York Bank's corporate and branch offices, including their signature painting of “Park Avenue”. Her portfolio consists of vibrant florals, popular Long Island scenes, children's murals, still life's, and outdoor garden views. “Scenic,” “detailed,” and “colorful” are adjectives often used to describe her work. Bertie attributes her success and her gift of painting to the glory of God.

Roberta Erlagen Montauk Lighthouse

/Roberta Erlagen floral painting

Roberta Erlagen city scene early snow