Irene Vitale

Class Subject:
Figure Drawing

“The love of art, life and the desire to express ourselves is the fiber that holds us together.”
-Irene Vitale

Irene Vitale photoIrene Vitale is a prolific New York artist, painting for more than 20 years. Her seascapes not only capture her love of Long Island’s shores but also have an incredible range…from playful kite flyers to powerful ocean swimmers. These impressive works are great examples of how to translate elements as transitory as light, nature and the movement of the ocean in a striking and magical way. Irene’s portrait and figure work is equally as impressive demonstrating a level of craftsmanship and refinement unique among contemporary artists.

Irene began her art education in pastel portraiture with Susanne Young. A recipient of the prestigious Xavier Gonzales Scholarship to The Art Student’s League of New York, she studied pastels with Harvey Dinnerstein and Greg Kruetz. Over the years, Irene’s experimental nature drew her to oil, she has studied with Carl Lubow, Dan Schwartz at his Manhattan Atelier and Max Ginsburg. In this new realm, she was able to move beyond classical figure painting to ultimately expand, evoke, and infuse more emotion in her art.

An alumnus of The Painting Group of New York -- founded and mentored by the late renowned caricaturist David Levine and presidential portrait artist Aaron Shikler. Irene is also part of the faculty at The Art League of Long Island where she presently teaches a combination of Charcoal Drawing and Experimental Seascapes in Oil. She defines her teaching philosophy as centered on the 'art of seeing'…strongly imparting to her students that visual truth alone does not make a picture into a work of art.

Portrait of Eddie 

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