Laura Freeze

Class Subject:

Drawing to Paint

My favorite subjects for drawing and painting are people, botanicals, and landscapes. But i don't limit my art to just the traditional medias or one form of art. I favor realism but also explore abstract art. I sometimes work on a realistic painting and an abstract side by side to draw out ideas from both.

I earned my degree in art by working as an artist. I continued with post graduate work and I continue to take classes from various artists and to study my favorite artists.

As a freelance artist, I have worked for many media and publishing companies. I have collaborated with fabric, and sculpturers, and photographers. I designed a figure head for a ship, Created logos, collaborated on sculpture and furniture, made cartoons, painted bulls, drew and painted portraits.

When Sandy caused me to be temporarily homeless, i had no place to work and store art supplies. So I took up crocheting so that I could be creative with color anywhere I happen to be. It so calming to be able to work on an art form.

I have been teaching art for seven plus years. It was a surprise to me that I enjoyed teaching...I always thought my drive to draw and paint would make it too hard to break away from the easel to teach. But I found that the explorations and different approaches of other artists can open your mind to new directions you might not have explored on your own.

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