JoAnn Gartner

Class Subject:  Ceramics 

JoAnn Gartner with ceramic sculpture

Jo-Ann Gartner has worked with many materials over the years with various hand-crafting mediums. In the early nineties she taught a porcelain bead making class in the little school house basement of the Art League. A few years later, she became a technical assistant in the clay studio, which was located at the “Y”, ALLI’s satellite studio. Through encouragement from her instructors, Jo-Ann started throwing on the wheel and this change in her clay experience and an open position in the studio several years later, led her into teaching pottery.

Jo-Ann’s ceramic education has been largely self-directed, taking classes at the Art League, art centers, local colleges and attending numerous workshops with distinguished instructors. The more she learned, the more she realized that working in clay is a combination of art, engineering and science.

Her functional ware has been sold in local venues, wineries and home sales. She has been fortunate to have a bowl in “Domino” Style Magazine, October 2007. Two pieces of her pottery have been included in the Lark Books series, “500 BOWLS” and “500 RAKU”, a division of Sterling Publishing Company.

Jo-Ann’s work is constantly evolving. She loves what she does and has a passion for clay and thoroughly enjoys teaching clay classes to students of all ability levels, teaching the basics and encouraging the students to be creative in their thinking and creativity.


Jo-Ann Gartner Circles Wall design

Gartner,Jo-Ann_Table Totem 2